Easter 2017

Our pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage enjoyed a lot looking for laminated eggs in the playground. Later on, when they finished their Easter Egg Hunt, they ate chocolate eggs.

Children in Year 1 and 2  took part in a gymkhana in which they had to find different clues related to what they had already learnt in their Natural Science and Social Science lessons. Once they had finished they received chocolate eggs as a reward.

I hope you enjoy watching this video.


Play in English 2015: “Once upon a time”

Here you have the last play my pupils in Year 5 rehearsed two years ago. Sorry for the delay but not always I have time to update this blog.

Halloween 2014. Trick or treaters

Plays in English 2014

I hope you enjoy watching these two plays rehearsed by my 4 year old pupils. I can assure you their families enjoyed them a lot.

Thank you so much Guillermo, for recording and editing them.

“Look out!! It’s the wolf!!!

“The Rainbow Witch”

Halloween celebration 2013

As every year, we have celebrated Halloween in our school. I hope you enjoy watching the video!!!

E.Y.F.S. Easter celebration, 2013

We have been looking for laminated Easter Eggs, we have sung our Easter song and we have eaten Easter chocolate eggs!!! It has been a wonderful day!!!

“The legend of King Arthur” Face2Face

Two songs with lyrics, some photos and videos of the performance. I hope you enjoy them!

Halloween 2012

Trick or treaters. Halloween 2012


We celebrated Christmas, singing Christmas Carols with Cavaleri Secondary School pupils.

Halloween 2009

Click on the pumpkin to see the photos we took during our Halloween celebration. (Choose: “Presentación de diapositivas”)

Halloween 2008

pumps01_1999 Halloween 2008

Aquí tenéis una selección de nuestras imágenes preferidas de Halloween, espero que disfrutéis viéndolas.

Haz click en la foto para verlas y selecciona “Presentación de diapositivas”  en el menú de la parte superior,  cuando aparezca el álbum de Picassa.

Si queréis ver el resumen de Halloween, que ha hecho el abuelo de Borja, tenéis que entrar en su blog ( haz click en la palabra “blog”, para acceder a él). Primero encontraréis los videos de algunos de los teatros en inglés de la función de Fin de Curso y a continuación la grabación de Halloween.